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Who are we? And what do we envision?

My Nomadic Lifestyle is a travel blog envisioning to create an active network for travellers. We realised the need for a free and open platform where everyone can tell their tales.  We aim to empower and create a community that focuses on promoting travelling, culture, and lifestyles through digital means. We have successfully documented an extensive array of travel tales picturing different lifestyles, customs, and traditions. We actively feature aviation blogs and review posts. My Nomadic Lifestyle welcomes you to be a part of this travel community. You do not need any qualifications or skills to write for us. We do not conduct any selection process for writers which makes us open to all. Please click here if you would like to write for us. 

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Do you like to travel, or have you ever dreamt of starting a travel blog? Are you a foodie, backpacker or a travel company? With My Nomadic Lifestyle, you can now start sharing your travel tales with the world. Click here and register now.

I am an individual

We have multiple benefits for individuals who wish to be a part of My Nomadic Lifestyle: 

  • Personalised sub-domain within My Nomadic Lifestyle 
  • Complete blog analysis and tips to improve writing skills 
  • A recommendation letter and testimonials for your CV resume
  • Occasional exclusive deals on travel bookings 
  • Get full credits on our main website   
  • Opportunities for networking with other travelers sharing similar interests

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My Nomadic Lifestyle is committed to providing the best travel itineraries. Be it South Africa or Switzerland, we have got all the destinations covered.  Our travel counsellors include a panel of domestic travel influencers. Check out our travel services below.   

Itinerary Planning

My Nomadic Lifestyle has expertise in curating the best travel itineraries for your trip. We design custom itineraries based on your preferences. Yes, we have made travelling more systematic and easy. We also provide price quotations based on real-time tariffs. Be assured; we will not charge a single penny from you for this service! Click here to get started by filling our travel planner.