My Nomadic Lifestyle aims to become a global travel club

We are looking for members to join, contribute and support this emerging travel community

What is My Nomadic Lifestyle? And what do we envision?

My Nomadic Lifestyle is a travel blog and a emerging travel community envisioning to create an active network for travellers. We realised the need for a free and open platform where everyone can tell their tales.  We aim to empower and create a community that focuses on promoting travelling, culture, and lifestyles through digital means. We have successfully documented an extensive array of travel tales picturing different lifestyles, customs, and traditions. We actively feature aviation blogs and review posts. My Nomadic Lifestyle welcomes you to be a part of this travel community. You do not need any qualifications or skills to write for us. We do not conduct any selection process for writers which makes us open to all. We are accepting free travel blog guest posts from anyone who wants to tell a travel tale.

Discover the Most Beautiful Destinations

My Nomadic Lifestyle strives to introduce the world of travel through appealing destination guides, blog posts, and newsletters. We are in the process of curating and compiling a large open-source of travel destination guides, e-books and several publications.

Explore your interest in the aviation industry

At My Nomadic Lifestyle, we want to document global aviation in a unique and innovative way. Not only we shall post air travel reviews and airport experiences, but also we shall do market analysis, future predictions aimed at creating an aviation community. We are currently looking for aviation bloggers. Click here to apply as a content writer and let us know that you are an aviation enthusiast!

You can now write travel blogs with My Nomadic Lifestyle!

We provide many benefits such as self-branding, certificates, and testimonials to our bloggers. You do not need any prior experience, just some dedication and enthusiasm! You can blog in one of the following niche’s below.