Choosing just ten things to do in Spain is so difficult!

We’ve had to leave out so many great places to visit, things to do… You’ll just have to come here, try out lots of different things and then make up your own list!

Here’s 10 Things to Do in Spain :


Try the wonderful tapas you’ll get in bars all around the country.

The most famous free tapas are to be found in Granada (although my favorites have been in Seville).

But if you really want to see tapas as art, go to San Sebastian – they’re called “pintxos” there, and you have to pay for them.

But they’re well worth it!

2-Gaudi’s Barcelona

There are lots of things to see and do in Barcelona, but if there’s one thing you’ll always remember about the city, it’s Gaudi’s wonderful architecture.

3-Madrid’s museums 

Madrid has not one world-class museum, but at least three.

And they’re all within walking distance of each other.

And when you’ve finished your art visits, get ready for the nightlife, which is second to none in Europe.

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4-Egovia (surprised?)

Marvel at the fantastic Roman aqueduct and the fairy-tale fort, and then taste a wonderful suckling pig (and watch as the chef cuts it up with a plate!)

5-A Parador Holiday 

Hire a car and travel around Spain staying in its many traditional (and some modern) paradores.

Great views, real comfort!


There’s something special about this city, especially roaming around the Barrio de Santa Cruz after dark.

There’s also the cathedral, of course, and the Reales Alcazares, and…

7-Granada and the Alhambra 

There’s something special here, too. Take a whole day (and more) for the Alhambra.

You need time to take it all and realize the full magnificence.

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There, that’s the third great Andalusian city.

Don’t miss the mezquita!


A magnificent national park with many different ecosystems (beach, dunes, brush land, marshes…).

Here you’ll find a great number of unique species of animals, some of them in danger of extinction, including the Iberian imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx.

10-Get involved in a local fiesta 

The most famous is probably the bull running in the Sanfermines in Pamplona in August.

But there are many more, in all parts of Spain: the fallas in Valencia; the feria de abril in Seville…

We could have included trekking in the Green Spain (Asturias and Galicia), visiting the renewed Bilbao and seeing the Guggenheim Museum, a golf holiday, partying in Ibiza… One thing’s for sure – you’ll never be at a loss for something to do in Spain!

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