1. Manishyadav
    24th April 2020 @ 15:17

    I am happy that I came across such a wonderful blog which indeed enhanced my knowledge abt some of the rare and barely knowing dishes…not to mention ur writing skills is just mind blowing And even attention seeker…keep it up…u will surely b a travel blooger…all the very best 🤗🤗


  2. Vishnu Soni
    24th April 2020 @ 15:50

    Yeahhh…u got it, from where to start ur journey and it really nice to read your blog..it’s fantastic but surely you don’t need to include chinease one…either you have to discover wuhan market for more cusine.haha


  3. Aparna
    24th April 2020 @ 17:59

    Superb..really helpful..I loved your blog..please keep uploading such wonderful contents..daily !


  4. Piyali Samant
    25th April 2020 @ 09:36

    Really loved it!


  5. Sylvia Manze
    28th May 2020 @ 01:47

    Beautifully written, you could have included more vegan options


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