The world map is clustered with different cultures, people and traditions.

A nomad akin to me does have an endless bucket list, however, some places do remain a part of my bucket list situated inside my endless bucket list. (Sorry for the lame joke).

Undoubtedly, Istanbul was one such place for a long time because of endless reasons.

From romantic Turkish dramas to the aroma of Turkish coffee, many such things inspired me to visit the heartbeat of Turkey-Istanbul. 

A tourist hotspot, the excitement among gazillions of travelers does bring commotion on the bustling streets, but who likes empty streets?

Today Istanbul is Istanbul due to its friendly commotion on the roads and the aura of vim and zest in the air.

The liveliness and charm possessed by this city know no bounds.

These are some of the most important excuses for you to grab a trip to this enchanted city.                                                     

1-Istanbul International Airport:                                         

The new Istanbul international airport was replaced the former Ataturk Airport, gifting the city a fresh excuse to visit.

The airport is generously open offering expansive spaces.

The minimalistic design coupled with an enormous duty-free shopping area surely gives a futuristic feel to the building.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, I did like this airport as an avid plane spotter as there is a great variety of planes and regional jets. 

2-Antique Cafes and street art in Balat                                                      

Colorful streets of Balat

Many might think that this place holds no special significance and it is just a normal district.

But you have got it wrong, if you ever happen to visit Istanbul visiting this tiny neighborhood must be a part of your bucket list.

Nestled between the upshots areas of Taksim and Sultanahmet, Balat is a perfect retreat from the hustles and bustles of the jam-packed tourist hotspots.

It features lively street art and is home to an endless array of antique cafes.

One can wander across the rolling cobblestoned streets admiring the street art, one of the major things which Istanbul is known for.

The small antique shops offer their charm, with several souvenirs ranging from the traditional Baglama to the vintage television sets.

For Bollywood enthusiast like me, I was surprised to see the old Castes of Bollywood songs, still capable of streaming quality music when played on the vintage music players. 


Many people travel to Istanbul to conveniently travel to the old town of Bursa.

This spectacular town rests near Istanbul, making it possible to commute to by ferry, bus, car, train or bus.

Bursa is the capital of the old Ottoman Empire, it is known for its traditional Turkish sweets, silk materials and other articles including the lamps, rugs, crockery, and souvenirs.

Moreover, one can also purchase the most premium jams, honey and pickles here as they are locally manufactured.

Bursa is located in the foothills of the Uludag national park. This place gets bustling in the winters as it turns into a prominent ski resort.

4-Street Art 

Street art is on the pinnacle with it comes to Istanbul.

Every street in Istanbul is spray painted with beautiful designs and wordings.

The endless array of beauty seems like a mirage amidst continuous heritage buildings.

From the flowers to the motivational quotes, you can find almost anything spray-painted on the streets.             

There can be millions of excuses to visit Istanbul some being the most cliché.

It is not possible to list them all, but yeah!

This list has some of the most favored reasons which would compel me as a traveler to visit this city.                                             

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