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My Nomadic Lifestyle invites all enthusiasts, young graduates and students to intern and help in establishing an emerging empire. My Nomadic Lifestyle strives to provide its interns with international exposure, flexibility, and autonomy. We envision to create a healthy and friendly digital environment for all our interns. The best part, we offer several roles and you are free to choose any of the following according to your interests. 

General Internship Terms What you must know

My Nomadic Lifestyle provides a flexible remote internship during Corona Virus where an intern is generally allowed to work at his/her pace and has full autonomy. Performance is tracked weekly, and we are satisfied as far as there is some relevant contribution to the betterment of the platform. 
All our interns can now kick-start their careers through our support. We provide several non-monetary perks to all our interns. 
Please note that at the moment, we are not in a position to provide any monetary payments/stipend, but in the future, we do plan on initiating the same! There are a few exceptions to this case, and it shall be clarified through a formal contract that will be signed at the commencement of the internship.

What do we offer? Perks for our interns

remote internship corona virus

Online Self Branding

remote internship corona virus


remote internship corona virus

Chances for networking

remote internship corona virus

Recommendation letter

remote internship corona virus

Free access to premium apps

remote internship corona virus

Long term monetary benefits

Available Travel Internship Positions

Content and Travel Writing

Writers are the heart of My Nomadic Lifestyle. As an intern, besides your contribution towards the static and promotional content, you will also get a chance to kick-start your creative mind and work with full autonomy. As an intern, you will receive detailed reports about your performance, tips, and feedback from experts. This is a perfect opportunity if you wish to start your career in the field of travel blogging! 


Digital Marketing

My Nomadic Lifestyle is incomplete without a dedicated team of digital marketers. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Social Media Marketing tactics, you will be forerunner for all the marketing operations. Here, we expect you to help us implement innovative concepts and ideas to increase the brand image! This is a perfect internship for students and graduates interesting in the field of digital marketing.

Public Relations

Do you see yourself giving that ted-talk a few years down the line? We might help you inch towards that dream! Now be the face of My Nomadic Lifestyle. From interesting live sessions to promotional videos you position holds high value for us! Besides, you can also assist us with content writing, marketing and other innovative tasks. This is a perfect internship for students and graduates aspiring to join the hospitality, entertainment and public speaking related industries.  

Social Media Management

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, browsing through Facebook or even ranting on Twitter, Social Media is an interesting activity for the youth. My Nomadic Lifestyle aims to be active on all major social media platforms, and yes, for that we need motivated youth who can understand the audiences and boost engagement. This internship is appropriate for any student or graduate who has an analytical mind and is creative! 

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