Are you a thrill-seeker and do you love the adrenaline rush in your body?

If yes, then the Phi Phi Island Thailand can turn into your next dream-spot!

This South-Asian archipelago is a group of six islands with some astonishing picturesque scenery and a chill hipster vibe. It’s the same island from Dicaprio’s movie, The Beach!

The bewitching turquoise waters, the lovely seascapes, the bonny golden beaches and impressive rock sites attract about 2 million tourists every year.

You will undoubtedly love the sea gazing, sun-basking, amazing Thai massages but, there is a lot more to experience when it comes to the Phi-Phi.

These stunning islands, with its waters and rock sites, offer an exciting range of adventure sports that can thrill all your senses. Indeed, water sports are one of the best things to do on the phi-phi islands.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

How to Reach Phi Phi Island Thailand? 

Phi-Phi Islands can be easily reached by ferry from Phuket.

Ferries and speed boats from Phuket to Phi-Phi are very frequent.

But, there are many organised tours from Bangkok and Phuket Phi-Phi which can be convenient.

You need not worry much about the logistics as Phi Phi Island is well connected to the mainland. 

What are the best adventure sports activities on Phi Phi Island Thailand? 

Phi Phi Island, just like any popular island destination is extremely popular for water sports and adventure sports.

However, there are certain adventure sports that make Phi Phi Island special. Let me enlighten you with my list below.

1. Rock Climbing on the Phi Phi Island Thailand

Phi Phi Islands offers multiple possibilities for this amazing sport.

The Islands have various impressive rock-climbing sites which include The Tonsai Tower, Hin Tak, and many more.

The Tonsai Towers have always been the most engaging and popular of all.

The limestone cliffs in the Krabi province offer panoramic views that make it worth a visit. 

Professional companies like the Spider Monkey and Deaf Gecko offer proper guided activities and provide all necessary equipment for the climb.

Their trained instructors make rock climbing on the Phi-Phi Islands easy and safe.

The climbing sites and the routes are well maintained to avoid any kind of mishappenings. Some climbing companies offer night climbings to double your thrill and excitement.

The full moon, the enchanting Phi Phi view and adventure-A perfect combo! Isn’t it?

Rock Climbing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

2. Cliff Jumping on the Phi Phi Island

This sport is for only the daring hearts.

Jumping in the blue, from a height of more than 60 meters is surely not for the faint-hearted.

Are you still not convinced? Watch this video and tell us what do you feel, excitement or fear or both! 

Cliff jumping is an exciting sport, thrilling enough to revive your soul.

To fall freely into the arms of gravity is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have.

There are many areas for cliff jumping on the Phi-Phi Islands. Are your adrenaline pumps not prepared?

You can try cliff-jumping from smaller cliffs of 6 meters to 8 meters or the higher ones of 20 metres or more if you’re looking for a real escapade.

Professional guidance and proper mentorship are some prerequisites before trying this hair-raising sport. Many tour agents can guide you for ensuring overall safety. 

Trials without proper guidance can cause terrible accidents as it’s one of the most daring adventure sports on the Phi-Phi Island

3. Snorkel with the Sharks 

Snorkeling with Sharks. Sounds adventurous, right?

In the crystal clear water of the Phi Phi Island, it is a beautiful experience, but doing it around sharks can make it even more exciting.

Phi Phi Island Thailand has some of the best snorkeling sites on the planet!


Snorkeling is a water sport that involves swimming on its surface with necessary equipment such as life jackets and swimming pipes.

What can be more fierce than floating with sharks?

There are many shark points on the island that can offer you this opportunity. 

Hin Phae is the most popular where you can easily spot dozens of the blacktip sharks snorkeling around you.

Popular clownfishes are also spotted here.

Snorkeling, Phi Phi Island

4. Scuba Diving 

Who has not heard of Scuba Diving? Almost all beach destinations in Thailand offer scuba-diving, but the experience is somewhat different on the Phi-Phi Islands, Thailand.

What makes Phi Phi Islands most popular is its marine culture and seascapes, which makes it a well-known site for scuba diving.

Diving into the mysterious marine world is exhilarating, but at the same time, the relaxation it provides is incomparable.

The crystal clear waters, coral reefs, fishes, turtles, and a variety of other colourful marine creatures are a rejoice to the eyes. 

However, it must be done under complete professional guidance.

It can be riskier for children below eight years of age.

Hence, it’s preferable to avoid children from trying it.

Some notable scuba diving locations in Phi Phi islands are the Bida Nay and Phi Phi Ley.

Scuba Diving, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

5. Kayaking on the Phi Phi Island 

If you want some ME-Time to plunge into your reveries while exploring the beauty of the Phi Phi, then kayaking can be a great sport to try. 

You can admire the deep limestone caves, the mesmerising sea caves, and the colourful coastlines on your kayak paddling it on your own.

You may also hire a guide to paddle for you in case you are not comfortable doing it. There are no age restrictions or strict safety measures to be followed.

It’s an easy sport for everyone-the young and the elder.

Kayaking is a lot of fun and can be tried in all seasons. Rowing through the emerald Waters, sunbathing, and feeling the fresh air against your skin helps you connect with nature in a whole new way. 

Late afternoon is the best time for kayaking here, as the view is lovely and there is less crowd.

So, you can peacefully enjoy your kayak adventure all on your own!

Kayaking Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I am sure this blog post covers all-important adventure sports on the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

Have you ever tried these adventure sports?

Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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