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What is our concept? 

The world is an incredibly diverse place to live. There are many cultures, traditions, and lifestyles that contribute to this diversity. My Nomadic Lifestyle is an online platform that aims to empower students in the field of blogging and writing. We provide students with a free platform to put forth their experiences, learnings, and views about topics such as travel, aviation, lifestyle, and cultures. Thre are many benefits attached to this: it will help in promoting critical thinking skills, writing skills and introduces them to blogging as a career. Furthermore, this workshop will also cover some crucial aspects such as marketing, social media management, digital analytics, and, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A student’s school curriculum severely lacks such elements, and we strive to embed them as a part of their daily lives. We have already documented a large number of travel stories from across the world. However, this inexhaustive, and we crave to welcome more.


Relevance of Travel Blogging today

Blogging is a crucial aspect of digital marketing; however, studies associated with digital marketing are often overlooked by the mainstream education curriculum. But, it has been statistically observed that there will be an increased need for digital marketing in the future. Both corporates and startups will have to rely on online promotional strategies, blog creations, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. We introduce these things to students. My Nomadic Lifestyle integrates travel, culture, and lifestyle with blogging to encourage and enlighten students about digital marketing. Travel as a subject itself is fascinating. Trends show that global tourism will show positive growth. Therefore combining travel and blogging gives students an exposure of their lifetime.


Promotes Creativity
Builds an analytical mindset
Establishes them on web
Broaden horizons
Boosts writing skills


Benefits to the students 

Every student’s journey with My Nomadic Lifestyle is destined to enlightening and interesting. A customised domain with their name is created where their blogs are published. We guide students through frequent emails and instructions. We first learn from their stories to help them in deciding appropriate topics to write on. We help them in keyword research which forms an essential part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Furthermore, we also provide support with social media marketing and email marketing for their customised blog. Once we receive their blog entries, personalised feedback about the quality of writing is given to each student, along with a report. In a nutshell, from writing a blog to getting organic traffic on it, everything is covered.




How does it all work? 

A step by step process  


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