Introduction: Travel Planner 

Do you want to backpack solo in Namibia? Or are you looking for a Disney Vacation package? We have mastered the process of making itineraries. We take all your inputs regarding your desired holiday plans and curate an itinerary consisting of the best vacation spots. Our itineraries give active recommendations about the hotels and flights available for your trip. 

Do we ask for anything in return? 

My Nomadic Lifestyle never asks for money. We request you to share our platform on your social media channels at your discretion. Secondly, we expect you to make your travel-related purchases using our affiliate links. However, this is not a compulsion. 


Our Travel Planner services include attractive visual itineraries with infographics and maps. Liven up your trip with us now. 

Saving to travel? Be assured it is free our services are entirely free of any costs. There is no commission charged. We do not charge anything; neither do we ask for any credit card details.

Best Airline, Hotel, and Restaurant suggestions at exotic vacation spots. Our trip planner makes note of all your preferences. 

We deal with all the destinations. Our trip planner is completely customized. Durban or Darjeeling, or both? My Nomadic Lifestyle will design the best plan for you.

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