As an individual, you might have many questions such as ‘Should I start a blog?’, ‘How to start a blog for free’ and what not! My Nomadic Lifestyle encourages you to start blogging to increase your online presence. You can blog on our platform in the following domains:   


So how to start a blog for free?  It is simple and takes very little effort and time. My Nomadic Lifestyle helps you to establish a blog. Our services are completely free. From setup to airing, we handle everything for you at no cost. You can freely express your ideas. Check out this page to understand this process with us more freely.

Free Setup

We set-up your section on our platform as soon as you register with us. You are notified about it immediately. 

Free sub-domain on your name

We create free sub-domains for users who wish to collaborate with us on a long term basis.  If you are able to send us 5 relevant blog posts, we will be happy to have you published on a customized subdomain on your name. 

Editing and further support

My Nomadic Lifestyle utilizes updated software and tools to edit all the content. Your posts will be manually edited by experts. We also provide in-depth feedback along with helpful tips for your work. 


My Nomadic Lifestyle will be a platform where you can establish connections with other travelers. You can collaborate with them, plan trips and contribute more to this platform. In the future, My Nomadic Lifestyle will also give monetary benefits; a friendly gesture to your contributions. 


What do we expect from you?


My Nomadic Lifestyle does not charge individuals associated with it. Therefore, you can start a blog for free with us. However, we do expect some non-monetary support from your side. These things are not obligatory, but we appreciate your support. We expect you to share your blog posts on your social media channels so My Nomadic Lifestyle can benefit from increased traffic. Moreover, we also appreciate you providing testimonials for our services. Lastly, we will be elated if you use affiliate links on our website to make your travel bookings and shop for accessories.


Give us feedback

We need feedback on our website to know how we can improve the overall user experience

Use our affiliates

Affiliates play an important role in keeping our services free for you and our clients. We request you to use the affiliate links on our website whenever you make personal bookings.

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