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Asian food is served in high-end Gourmet Restaurants in the United States, India, Europe and elsewhere.

However, the taste of Best Oriental Food can only be savoured on the streets of East Asia. Get used to this tongue-twisting names of some of the most scrumptious Oriental Dishes.

What does Oriental mean and where can I you find best Oriental Food?

We are sure you have heard about the movie, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. By principle, Orient is referred to anything that is in the East. Therefore, for each city, Orient is a different place relative to its position with other places.

Therefore, to ease out this ambiguity, Orient is commonly referred to East Asian Countries, namely China, South Korea, Bad Boy North Korea, Taiwan Singapore and other ASEAN Countries.

Known for a distinct culinary culture, I believe that Oriental Cuisine is worth exploring. 

World Map with ‘The Orient’ marked
World Map with ‘The Orient’ marked

A-Japanese Cuisine

No one can deny the fact that Japan is the epicentre of technological development, fast cars, and modern railways and the best in class robots. But, culinary tales from Japan speak of an entirely different, historic and traditional culture. A culture that has been preserved since ages.

In all Japanese and‘oriental kitchens sushi is one thing that you can always relish, but I am sure there are enough discussions on that topic, so let’s start with my all-time favourite Ramen!


Let’s begin with Ramen, which is one of the most popular oriental dishes from Japan. Legends say that Ramen originated in China, but its infusion in the Japanese culture has made it a predominantly Japanese cultural dish. 

Ramen usually consists of wheat noodles with some amazing variety of ingredients such as sliced pork, eggs, seaweed, and green onion. Generally served with soy sauce or miso soup, these flavours add a whole new essence to the dish. 

The soft pork coupled with the flavours of miso soup and freshly cooked sticky rice-cakes are all that you need for a perfect Japanese lunch! A foodie like me drools over the idea of having some authentic Japanese ramen for a meal.

In Fact, you must try all the local ramen varieties out there!


Pronouncing this name is not for the faint-hearted! Okonomiyaki has its origin in the city of trade, Osaka, also known as the  ‘The Manchester of Japan.’ 

Today we have okonomiyaki restaurants all over Japan, making it one of the most prominent food items.

So what lies behind the name okonomiyaki? I am sure you would be relishing the fluffy American pancakes loaded with maple syrup and whipped cream, but have you ever thought about a less fattening, much, meatier, and a savoury version for the same?

Like Ramen, okonomiyaki is a combination of numerous ingredients, but it gets more diverse here! The ingredients may vary from beef, squids to just some veggies, and green onions mixed with a batter prepared with flour, yam, and eggs. 

In some Japanese restaurants, you may have to cook it by yourself or along with the chefs, and it turns out to be a delightful experience before you gift this scrumptious delight to your tummies.


A Japanese meal typically consists of a main dish of ramen, rice cakes, occasionally served with Okonomiyaki, ensuring all your taste buds are treated with diverse oriental flavours! Check out the video below to learn the art of cooking ramen!

Oriental Cuisine – Japanese Okonomiyaki
Oriental Cuisine – Japanese Okonomiyaki

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B-Chinese Cuisine

Chinese civilisation has dominated most of East Asia. The Great Wall, the ever-speeding bullet trains and the ever-popular city of Wuhan, all are Chinese creations.

But, let us not forget China has contributed innumerable dishes to Oriental cuisine. Chinese cuisine is greatly influenced by the ethnic diversity and geographical distribution of different people in China.

Among the entire Oriental food culture, Chinese is the most accepted one by the Oriental gourmet. We have seen enough of Chinese Takeaways in popular sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, well, it is time to know what these takeaways really consist of!

It is one of the most popular cuisines across the globe.


Char Siu is roasted pork. These pork cuts can also include loin, belly or butt. It’s one of the most loved delicacies in the world of Oriental food.

Char Siu is mainly part of Cantonese Cuisine, making it a favoured dish in Hong Kong. Flavouring with honey, caramel juices, fermented bean curd, spices and sauces like soy and hoisin gives it a signature red colour and an adorable sweet taste.

On your next trip to Hong Kong, we would highly recommend you to try out this delicacy!


Chinese Tea Eggs, as strange as it seems, but mind it, your trip to China would be incomplete without savouring this simple dish.

Tea eggs are a very common traditional street food in China. At the same time, they could also be classified as some of the most bizarre-looking Oriental Foods. 

The idea of Tea eggs originated in the city of Zhejiang which is also a popular tourist destination because of its historical importance and incredible sites. 

Chinese tea eggs are also called marble eggs, a result of their appearance which is mainly due to by boiling or soaking hard-boiled cracked eggs in flavoured tea consisting of various spices, soy sauce and black tea leaves.

C-Korean Cuisine

The Korean Peninsula has given many dishes to the world of Oriental Food. It is surprising, but I have heard that North Korean cuisine is more authentic than the South Korean cuisine, after all, they were South Koreans who Americanised their ramen by adding cheese slices to it!

However, for the sake of obviousness, I shall still discuss some great South Korean food that the locals relish. South Korea is a place which is always in the trend! It’s the new booming cultural centre.

It is the land of K-pops, dramas and movies that we can’t get enough of.

Not only this, but it is also one of the biggest economies today, a paradise for the tech junkies and the hub for tourism with fascinating food culture and some amazing world heritage sites.


If you’re looking for something healthy and tasty in the Korean Oriental Kitchens, then this weirdly spelled dish is your right pick! Samgyetang, also known as Ginseng chicken soup, is a traditional chicken soup of immensely high nutritional value due to the medicinal properties of ginseng.

Ginseng is an Oriental herb that is popular in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. Consider it the equivalent for our parsley!

This soup is enjoyed during the hot is the Korean summers, which help in fighting the heat. Getting rid of heat with even more heat, quite ironic, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, the young and tender chicken with creamy flavour is a treat to one’s taste buds.


So finally, I have an Oriental Dish entirely suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans out there!

I am sure that you would have heard of Kimchi in a movie reference or have seen your Asian colleague’s lunch box decorated with it!  It’s the most popular and a staple in Korean salad, which often reminds Koreans of deep-rooted Korean culture originating from ancient Korea.

This traditional dish is typically made up of fermented and salted vegetables such as napa cabbage or radish.

Now there are different varieties of it all over Korea. It seems Koreans can ne’er get enough of Kimchis, so be sure to place it on the top of your gourmet list on your next trip to Seoul! Check out the video above if you want to learn how to make Kimchi.

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D-Hong Kong Cuisine

Are you a travel freak? Do you love shopping? If yes, then HongKong must already be on the top of your bucket list.

Hong Kong has a unique culture that seems to separate the divide between the East and the West—coming to the Hongkongese cuisine, which, much like its culture is influenced by both East and West.

It turns out to be a culinary extravaganza for the foodies. HongKong is a perfect combo of great travel experiences, vibrant bazaars for the shoppers, and an alluring food palette.

All of this is what makes HongKong the way it is today. 

You might still be wondering what is traditional Hong Kong cuisine? 

Allow me to explain to you! Food in Hong Kong is not authentic to its core but is rather inspired by various other food cultures across the globe.

Being a former British colony, there is a widespread influence of Europen food. Japanese, Korean, Cantonese and Chinese cuisines also play a significant role.

Today, Hong Kongers have created unique cooking techniques and food items from existing food cultures! Isn’t it amazing?


Not tasting the Traditional Hongkong Styled french toast is a BIG mistake. This street food from HongKong has the potential to steal away your senses and leave you craving for more.

The deep-fried bread slices layered with peanut butter drenched in the coating of eggs are amazingly crispy and irresistibly delicious.

It is typically served with fruit jams, a lot of butter, and dong lai cha (HongKong special iced milk tea). I can be carby, but it is way too addictive to avoid.


This out of the box, the fictional name is enough for me to go for the dish. Phoenix Talons are nothing but chicken’s feet, and we all love chicken, don’t we? 

Phoenix Talons are deep-fried chicken feet, which are stewed in black bean sauce and steamed in a bamboo steamer, just typical oriental food style! 

It has a lovely texture, and the soft meat melts in your mouth. If you miss to try it on your Hong Kong Trip, you’re only going to regret it later! 

E-Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwan is something subdued due to the massive influence of Japan and China in the region.

However, I can never ignore this country since it forms an integral part of Oriental Culture. Taiwan is globally renowned for its culinary culture.

One can experience a wide range of different dishes, mainly consisting of seafood, noodles, rice, and a variety of snacks to much on. We can’t deny that Taiwanese food is the pride of an Oriental kitchen.


Beef noodles, as generic as they sound, have been mastered by Taiwanese chefs. Increased competition between local chefs to serve the best beef noodles has led to the emergence of new variations of this dish.

However, some locals prefer to have the ones with original taste! Beef noodles can also be consumed in a flavourful broth. People in Taiwan have a different level of craze for beef noodles, which makes us curious enough to try it!

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