Trekking is one of the most practised adventure activities globally.

However, when it comes to trekking in India, its vivid culture and history give this activity a new shape and a new feel.

Although north India and the Himalayan regions are known for the best treks in India, mainly near the regions of Manali, Shimla and Uttrakhand, extending to some Kashmiri regions, we must not underestimate the much tropical western India. 

Some of the bests and incredibly amazing treks in India are near Mumbai.

The Western Sahyadri’s (the ghats) serve the most variant landscapes and terrains to hike on.

Some of these are famous hiking destinations Near Mumbai, which are an invitation to step out of busy weekdays and step in nature’s comfort.

The best soothing sunsets, incredible sunrise, magical moon, and infinite stars are some unbelievable sights one can ever experience in the mountains. The thrill is the backbone of an adventurous person.

Kalavantin Durg Trek Highlights

Kalavantin Durg is one of the most thrilling and adventurous treks in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It starts from Thakurwadi village located 15 kilometers from Panvel on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway.

The gradual walk till the base village Prabalmachi and a thrilling climb to the Peak of Kalavantin Durg.

This fort has mentioned in many magazines in the top ten hikes in India. Also, the sheer fall exposure and the height of the fort will make your heart beat fast.

Rock cut steps leading to the summit are one of the wonders of Maharashtra.

The final patch leading to the summit raises the level of the final climb.

The views from the top are mesmerizing.

You can see the Sylvia Point Matheran, Morbe Dam, Karnala Fort, Manikgad, Prabalgad, Mallanggad, Irshalgad. It will make you feel on top of the world.

Kalavantin Durg Safe Climb Initiative

The later part of the trail, a challenging rock climb is now secured with fixed ropes and local leads to help you and make your climb safe.

Also, the thrill of the trek might be dangerous if the trekkers don’t take proper care.

This trek is not preferable to visit in monsoons wearing running shoes as the trail becomes wet and slippery, and all the more difficult to climb.

Installing Rope was a significant step towards the security of the hikers.

Another reason behind this step to fix Rope was frequent accidents occurring at the place.

These accidents were due to overconfidence and lack of knowledge among new hikers or selfie gang.

Why should you visit Kalavantin Durg with a Professional adventure company?

Kalavantin Durg is famous in the adventure travel industry, and many groups frequently visit here.

It would be best if you visited with trekking company that has experienced guides and a technical rock climbing team to help you reach the summit.

Many hikers’ lack of technique and craze to peak caused many incidents, forcing the Gram Panchayat to impose some rules and security for everyone who visits Prabalmachi.

Kalavantin Trek, India

Kalavantin Durg Information

Kalavantin Durg has impressive rock-cut steps which are challenging to climb. If you have a fear of heights, you should avoid the trek.

Gram Panchayat keeps the trek route clean, well-marked, and locals on weekends help trekkers summit the peak using ropes and provide instructions.

Gram panchayat charges a small entry fee of Rs 50 per head and strict prohibition to carry Alchohol and Cigarettes. Hikers bag get frisked before you enter the Prabalmachi village.

Best time to for trekking in India at the Kalavantin Durg

The best season for this trek is around the year. Monsoon, please avoid the weekend crowd rush.

Winter is the best season to visit the fort.

Night treks conducted during the summer season, Camping is undertaken at the base village Prabalmachi.

Prabalmachi Fireflies camping is famous during the pre-monsoon season.

The forest around the town covered with fireflies. You can combine the trek with neighboring forts Prabalgad and Irshalgad.

Pro-Tips for the Trek

  1.   Be careful of honeybees do not venture into the forest without a trekking guide or local guide. There are many incidents of bee attacks at Prabalmachi.
  2.   Please carry your garbage back to the city with yourself
  3.   Carry reusable water bottles. You can refill them at Prabalmachi.
  4.   Camping and Homestay are available, and please register before visiting the place as the number of tents are limited.
  5.   Carry a small torch with extra batteries for a night trek
  6.   Wear good trekking shoes. Your regular running shoes will slip on the slopes.
  7.   You get the best views of Kalavantin Durg from Prabalgad fort, reach early morning to view the sunset.

Adventure travel experience makes life more enjoyable.

Step outside, life is way beyond the walls of your office.

Enjoy each moment of your living and make each moment count.

When you climb the mountains, you will realize each breath you take is unique.

The world is full of adventures that bring a bit more spice to your life and more satisfying than sleeping on the weekends.

Mountains and Mountaineers always have the best stories to share.

We are eager to hear your stories about trekking in India!

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